Michael John Glass

(a.k.a. "Some Old Guy")
(number one fan of The Dreadnoughts)
(Owner and operator of Mikey's Bait and Beer Shop)

Email: mjglass@hotmail.com

What follows is a pile of junk, really. It is the internet equivalent of the junk drawer that we all of us have in our kitchens, into which we throw things so that we can (maybe) find them later.

Some of the stuff is original. And some of it is shamelessly plagiarized. I won't tell you which is which. It should be easy enough to identify, anyway.

Some of it is just an exercise in HTML. An etude, if you will. I need a place to post this stuff so that I can remember how the hell it was I did that.

Someday I might snazzy the place up a bit. Put in some dazzle and zoop. But until then, it is pretty plain jane.

As my dear nephew says, "It is what it is."

(I think he learned that from me. Or maybe it was the other way round).

table of contents


Zag: Occasioned by my exile from Facebook (Conservative Cognitive Dissonance Advisory)
the webmaster
mikey's bait and beer shop
the great gronlid intersection debate
Gronlid House Numbers
Gronlid Street Map
the capn's log
caption contest
Welcome To The Weekend Kiddies


the wedding
aimee through the years
christmas 2004
paint shop pro portfolio


affirmations for the rest of us
why bugsy siegal was a friend of mine


Emma's and Ben's Youtube Videos
How To Start The Upstairs Fireplace
metaphor and more
The Eight
quotes (last update July 31, 2014)
The Bear's Den




pine ridge resort

WEATHERFARM Weather for Gronlid


click for melfort, saskatchewan forecast

English to Spanish Translation

no deep integration!