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The sesquipedalianist Michael John Glass was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, one year before the end of the Second World War, for which he can in no way be held responsible. He was raised by coyotes in Indian Head, Saskatchewan, Canada. Howling is his first language.

After a calamitous experiment with post-secondary education, followed by several years of wandering in the Northwest Territories, Glass was deemed unemployable by all but the Saskatchewan Department of Education. Starting with the Gronlid Central School as the Grade 10 homeroom teacher/bathroom attendant, he soon worked his way up to the Grade 11 homeroom teacher/bathroom attendant. He left this position after an ugly dispute with the Principal over missing urinal pucks.

Glass joined Canada Employment and Immigration in 1979 as an Employment Counsellor. For reasons having nothing to do with an unfortunate incident involving the Director General's teenage daughter, he was reassigned in 1999 to the Province of Saskatchewan as a Career and Employment Consultant. This in spite of a profound speech impediment. Performance reviews describe him as "suited more to the hod than to the epaulet" and as "a refractory lesion".

Glass is a crack shot, a gifted acrobat and a fine judge of horseflesh. Under certain rare circumstances, he is able to alter the temporal stream and reverse the flow of time. The calluses on his knuckles attest to his mastery of the martial arts and are not, as some have opined, a result of too-frequent contact with the greensward. He has no visible piercings or tattoos, an achievement of which he is particularly proud. He's married with one insubordinate child, and a line of credit that will be paid off the same year that Saskatchewan elects a provincial Liberal or a Progressive Conservative (the latter being both an anachronism and an oxymoron!). But he's not bitter. Not at all. Not at all.

Glass is on medication now so he's probably a little nicer than he was when you met him earlier. All lawsuits have been settled out of court, and all convictions but two have been overturned.

His grandchildren are the apples of his eye, and their mother is the star he steers by.

Email: mjglass@hotmail.com

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